Photographs by Al Campbell



Sticks & Stones…is a series of color photographs, printed in archival Cibachrome, that looks into the lives and lifestyles of some of humanities closest and trusted confidants, the trees and rocks.

Though the series started as a general investigation into landscape, as it progressed I came to realise that an abiding love affair had developed and felt aggrieved to see death and destruction among them. The photographs were no longer of the landscape but rather were pure elements within it.

From my earliest recollections I have always been intrigued by the things one couldn’t say – was unable to say – the thoughts or sensations one couldn’t put into words. This fascination created a wordless knowledge that relished harmony, perspective, movement, colour and form. It provided an outlook and attitude of mind – resulting in comprehension and communication similar to that of ones response to music. In the trees and rocks is that same wordless communication.                                                                       AJC


Open the Book




Red Gates Series

Flight of Augury

Along the Way


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